About HumaraLabs

We are solution providers. E-commerce is our focus area. Our products helps organization having field operation optimize and improve. We started by offering solution for field operation management in pickup and delivery. Our Field operation management solution is now being used across industries, by more than 500 crews and the count is increasing fast. DaaK – Solution for linehaul and last mile delivery is the next big bet product built by us.

We are working on a few other products which we can’t disclose here for obvious reasons. Common themes across all of our products are – that they are driven by actual needs, that products are designed by observing end user pain points – rather than chasing “Hot industry” and that they have big potential business impact. A keen observer by now would have figured out that we are practitioner of “Doing beta test" before making noise for a product We are powered by passion, intellect and ethics. These attributes are not limited to IIXs( we don’t hate IITs or IIMs J.. In facts we have a few in our organization). If your value systems are aligned with ours and want to work on products that will become lifetime pride, do explore opportunity available with us.

Meet the Team

Our highly passionate Team