HumaraLabs launches attendance automation platform, Acompny

HumaraLabs proudly rolled out its new product, Acompny which is designed and developed to solve the lack of attendance problem for field staff and organisations. It is now live and available for end users. Within a short span of a time, Gurgaon based IT company has already reached to 1000 active users count with this new product. This has happened not because of their rocket science but due to the uniqueness of the product which solves the real pain point of the industry.

Acompny offers automated solution to capture the attendance of the employees in two foolproof steps. It has been launched on Android and Web. The company soon will launch the iOS version as well. While interacting with users and customers who are using the application they got an excellent feedback on the usage and functionality of the application.

HumaraLabs’ unique set of applications enable an organization’s workforce to track, monitor and manage field resources more effectively. By enabling individuals to work together for a common purpose, the system provides a host of tools designed to break down the barriers and constraints of traditional team work.

Acompny (Web Application) – Allows management to monitor an employee’s attendance and location along with some other features like leave requests, attendance report for correct payroll processing, salary calculation etc.

Acompny (Mobile Application) – The android mobile application (available on Play Store as Acompny) allows users to mark their attendance with live photo capture functionality. GPS location of the user automatically gets captured.

Company is also developing some other unique functionalities, which are not yet revealed but it will take out the gap between employees working in the field and management/supervisors. The company has maintained positive vibes regarding Acompny and are very confident that with the uniqueness they have in their product, it will take them places in coming months.


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    This is nice and unique app for attendance tracker in any organization.The App provides help to maintain all our attendance records in one app and getting better solution of attendance maintenance of whole organization.