Benefits of using automation software for e-commerce and hyperlocal logistics

Automation at it's finest, and when employed correctly, drives many benefits to help a company's bottom line. Whether it's automation in the way of robotics on the manufacturing floor, or automation features which eliminate manual process, or automation features that give you information seamlessly at will, one thing is for sure, automation in every industry is on the rise. Logistics automation in e-commerce and hyperlocal logistics surely helps drive efficiency, eliminate waste, and most importantly helps save money in your transportation and operation department.

We at HumaraLabs, believe in providing solution which fulfils the real need and reduces the pain points of e-commerce and hyperlocal logistics industry. We do not make noise of the product when we are not ready, after complete analysis and research with topmost industry experts and well settled logistics players, we have designed the tool which not only helps in solving the current issues but also guarantees your future growth, which is now being used by industry's top players. While developing FieldRun and DaaK we keep one aim in mind: "Solve your logistics operational and management issues with ease".

Unique features of FieldRun and DaaK

  • Auto route development for the day pickups and delivery
  • Auto task allocation
  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
  • Vehicle Capacity Planning
  • Track and trace completed and active trips
  • Captures proof of action through mobile application
  • Real time Dashboard and reports
  • Reduces error of shipment misrouting
  • Exclusive AWB structure for your customers