Streetwise goes live with HumaraLabs DaaK

Streetwise, the last mile logistics service provider has successfully implemented DaaK for managing their operation. Streetwise was formed in Jan 2015 and currently operates in multiple states – Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal. In a short tenure of 20 months, the company has created a name for itself, by delivering smiles to the end customer through their robust last mile delivery network.

Streetwise was looking for a technology to take them to next level – a platform which can not only provide ability to handle operation across first mile, line haul and last mile but prepares them for aggressive growth. A system which can scale up is critical for streetwise as it helps them in achieving competitive advantage and help them deliver better unit economies. DaaK has not only best in the industry features in AWB creation, centre serviceability definition, stopping misroute and billing but also allows to operate efficiently with load forecasting and route optimization.

HumaraLabs provides cutting edge technology to logistics and courier companies. The company is proud to partner with Streetwise. HumaraLabs CEO Mr Sushil Kumar said “HumaraLabs welcomes Streetwise to its family. With HumaraLabs’ DaaK, providing best in class industry features, Streetwise now has access to one of the best platforms for courier operation. We shall work to ensure Streetwise always has best of breed technology for their operation”

With this adoption Streetwise is now technologically capable to work with multiple partners and build volumes. Anurag Raghuvanshi, the co founder of Streetwise says “This partnership is crucial not only for our future growth, but also for our present reputation with clients. A successful partnership entails a lasting legacy of seamless experience not only for us, but also for our customers, which is ensured by a useful logistics software partner. Since HumaraLabs is already aware of the needs of different Logistic players after working with many of them, HumaraLabs is able to find a right fit for solutions for customer’s need.”

This partnership is symbiotic for both Streetwise and HumaraLabs: Streetwise will now get access to research and development done by HumaraLabs and HumaraLabs will now be able to develop capability of solving challenges of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The association is vindication of HumaraLabs’ capabilities to help streamline operation of courier operation.

About DaaK

DaaK is courier operation management system from Humaralabs Technology Private Limited. The product streamlines first mile, linehaul and last mile operation, it is pre integrated with FieldRun – a field operation management system.

About Streetwise

Streetwise Logistic OPC Private Limited is a logistics company focusing on e commerce logistics. The company aims to become one of the leading innovators in e commerce with new products and services The company is headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.